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Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:22 pm

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Topic: Morning All
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@Slimfrog's Son™️ wrote:
@Tans Tache wrote:It's that time of year where man flu strikes us with a vengeance... so take precautions gents!!

I left the house this morning bit of high temp, chesty cough.. catches train to central... & then I fainted.. remember waking up with a crowd around me... feel a bit stupid... needless to say I'm on train back home...

Seeing as my job is machinery based I can't go to work today... just as a precaution


Oh no.

Must be bad as I thought only women feinted.

Nevertheless l’ll be starting a whip-round for the Tache Foundation when I get into the office


Oh tache! Let us know when you get home.


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